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Automatic Data Processing has All the Solutions to All Kinds of Businesses

Automatic Data Processing Inc. or ADP produces about $10 billion in revenues having almost 570,000 clients. It is the world’s largest business outsource solutions provider. Having over 60 years of experience, ADP offers so many world class services related to human resource, tax, payroll and benefits admin solutions. The solutions that ADP provides are very simple to execute and hence all types of companies from all over the world ask for ADP services. It also has brought a new revolution in case of integrated computer solutions for vehicles like trucks, autos, marine and other heavy vehicles. For more info, go to

History of ADP

It was founded for the first time in 1949 as a manual payroll system for business as the name Automatic Payrolls. Later in 1957, it was renamed to Automatic Data Processing when it started to use punched card machines, mainframe computers, checking printing machines etc. ADP sponsored ADP National Employment Report and Small Business Report. In 2010, it acquired Cobalt, which is an automotive marketing company.

ADP Services

It brings solutions for all kinds of businesses. It has categorized the businesses into three types and they are

  • Small business (1 to 50 employees): Under this category, solutions like human resources, payroll, health and benefits and comprehensive outsourcing are provided.
  • Mid-0size business (50 to 999 employees): Under this category, Human resources, payroll, health benefits, comprehensive outsourcing and ADP workforce now solutions are provided.
  • Large business (1000 plus employees): This category brings solutions in the same fields as mid-sized solutions but with a larger amount.

Why Should You Go for ADP Services

ADP got rank 47 recently on Computer world’s 19th annual list to work in IT. It got a 100 percent rating in Corporate Equality Index (CEI), 2011 report. It’s got the second rank for training the top 125 of the magazine called Training. In 2009, Aberdeen Group included ADP in top 25 lists of most influential Tech Vendors. From 2003 to 2005, it was ranked under ten for being one of the best companies in North America. So undoubtedly you can choose ADP.

How to Use the Services of ADP

Using the services of ADP is very easy and quickly understandable. Go to and there you will see two boxes; one of them is log in and another is register. If you are already a member of ADP you can login thereby providing your details in the text boxes. But if you are a new user and want to register for ADP then click on the register button. It will take you to the acceptance terms and the site overview page. After reading them, click the checkbox and proceed. There you will get a form asking about your personal and employee information and user profile etc. After completing all the sign up process, you will get contacted by ADP telling you further processes.
Using ADP services, you have the options to view, print and download your tax and pay statements online. You can easily manage your profile information. For registration you will need to provide your job details which are mandatory. So keep them with you before proceeding to registration. Automatic Data Processing ensures that each consumer gets full satisfaction from its services regarding time management, safety and trust.

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